Pastlife Regression Therapy

 Have you lived before?

If so where and when?

Do you have recurring dreams?

Often unexplained phobias and fears can be traced back to a past life.

Pastlife regression can help you understand why you have problems with certain people in your life.

You may be able to break patterns that tie you to poverty and lack.

You may be able to let go of fears and anxieties that prevent you from living a happy successful life.

Blockages can be cleared and talents can be brought into your current life.

Re-experiencing original fears in past lives can bring relief from present life fears and phobias.

Tremendous insights can be gained from exploring past lives, releasing blocked emotions and forgiveness, understanding how residue from past lives can relate to the present, can be a life changing experience.

What to expect

A consultation will be filled in as to what you want to achieve from regression and notes will be taken.You will then be guided into a calm state of relaxation listening to my voice.You do not go asleep you will be in complete control all the time, in a daydream state.

Experience a journey through your past lives at the Litehouse.