Sekhem: prounounced (sek-em)meaning "power" or "might" is an ancient Egyptian healing system.It uses 3D symbols linked to the science of the pyramids.It is a powerful tool for transformation accelerating personal development.

Its a channelled energy drawn from universal energy, the energy that runs throughout the universe.

Sekhem has a high vibrational energy and unlike Reiki it can be directed and its intensity controlled.It connects you to the universal energies of destruction and regeneration assisting you in understanding what no longer serves has to go to make room for the new....hence its connection with the goddess Sekmet....The lion headed goddess of healing and destruction....dissolving what is no longer needed creating room for something more beneficial.It is a powerful yet loving energy, that is very heart centred, opening you up to more unconditional love.It is the energy of the goddess working on all levels simultaneously.

Healing is hands on/off no clothing is removed other than shoes.The practitioner channels the energy and passes the Sekhem energy onto the client.....At times profoundly spiritual.

 Some Benefits of Sekhem are:

Increased awareness of ourselves and those around us.

Helps you to live in the present.

Increased spiritual development.

Clears old emotions and ties to old relationships.

Increased clarity

Accelerated healing